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7 Essential qualities of top company incorporation service providers in Singapore

As a local or foreign entrepreneur decides to incorporate company in Singapore, the most important next thing to choose is the Singapore company incorporation service provider firm one wants to hire.

Singapore being the top destination for starting business has got so many individuals and firms that claim to provide such services, very few out of which are actually capable of delivering that’s correct and compliant with Singapore laws and in the best interest of entrepreneurs at the same time.

In a plethora of company incorporation firms in Singapore, choosing the best service provider is a difficult bet. It is thus important to make an informed decision which Singapore company incorporation firm should you choose if you know the essential qualities of top incorporation service providers.

It is, however, possible to find out which Singapore company incorporation firm that you should engage services from if you know the essential qualities of top incorporation service providers.

Serious entrepreneurs and multinational companies who seek quality services and consultancy should always be after these 7 essential qualities and validate before hiring service provider for incorporating company in Singapore.



1) Trustworthiness

The incorporation company/service provider that you choose is the guardian of your Singapore Company and you will be sharing sensitive/confidential details and documents with them for the process of company registration. Further, this company would most likely be the first to know your profit and loss accounts, tax filing, legal notices and other related documents that you provide to them.

Top quality incorporation companies in Singapore have major multinationals as their clients and have a well-established system backed by a strict non-disclosure agreement that ensures that your confidential information is in safe hands.

2) Knowledge

Laws, policies, trends and situations constantly keep on changing, both in Singapore as well as the global scenario. Top incorporation companies in Singapore keep themselves updated with latest trends, latest Singapore and international laws, domain expertise of various popular industries as well as their incorporation and licensing specifications.

Such companies invest time, money and resources in constantly upgrading their knowledge and keep themselves abreast with most current requirements, ensuring that when you choose to register company in Singapore, you can take maximum advantage of available tax benefits, government grants as well as business opportunities in Singapore.

3) Experience

Top incorporation companies in Singapore have been there, done that. They are the leading company incorporation service providers in Singapore for years and have a demonstrable track record of solving challenging issues for their clients. Because of their experience, they are able to deliver seamless services without errors, thus saving your time and money.

4) Customer service

Top incorporation companies in Singapore are client-oriented. They have a dedicated team of client service executives who do not only respond quickly to any of your requests but constantly engage with you in helping you to scale your business. 

5) Commitment

Integrity and commitment are the principles that matter for top incorporation companies in Singapore. They always deliver that they promise, meet all the deadlines and stand by with their commitment, even in most difficult and challenging situations.  

6) Network

Top incorporation companies are not only limited in Singapore.  They have a globally trusted network around the world which brings an expert understanding of international spectrum, legal as well as socio-economic factors that influence businesses worldwide. Because of their wide network, such companies are able to solve challenges that others cannot imagine solving.  

7) Innovation

Top incorporation companies in Singapore keep themselves ahead of their competitors by constantly deploying next-generation technologies and innovations into their operations. They make sure that the customer (you) can access their services in easiest and satisfactory manner, taking advantage of the available leading technologies in the industry.


At Precursor, we are proud to be fully compliant with each of these qualities, thereby having the ability to deliver highest class company incorporation and business advisory services in Singapore.

Having years of experience in industry; ranked under top 30 accountancy firms; received various prestigious awards; having a long list of satisfied multinational clients and next-generation technological architecture; Precursor does not only provide company incorporation services in Singapore but a full range of corporate services for starting and scaling a successful business in Singapore. 

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